Colloidal germanium 100PPM 1000ml PET bottle


KOLLOIDALES GERMANIUM 1000ml with 100 PPM: The colloidal germanium from Kolloidales is produced in proven quality according to the Ionic-Pulser System. The >99.99% pure germanium rods produce high-quality germanium water. Colloidal Germanium 100 PPM PET bottle of 1000ml I Germanium water from ultrapure water type 1 and pure germanium >99.99%


Colloidal germanium refers to a solution of germanium particles that are suspended in a colloidal state in a carrier medium (often water). The particles are usually of a size that stabilizes them in the solution without allowing them to settle or be filtered.

The benefits of using colloidal germanium are not limited to internal use. It can also be used externally for skin care purposes and is often used as a dietary supplement to support general health and vitality. Athletes also value it to support their performance.

There is a wide range of uses for colloidal germanium. Whether as an immune system booster, in skin care, as a nutritional supplement or to support athletic performance - it is a versatile product with numerous applications.

Manufactured in Germany under the strictest guidelines and formulated with ultrapure water type 1, KOLLOIDALES GERMANIUM from Kolloidales stands for premium quality. Discover the impressive range of benefits and applications of this unique product and integrate it into your daily well-being.

General information

The benefits of colloidal germanium are manifold and well documented on the Internet. For legal reasons we are not allowed to mention any applications here. Please note that for legal reasons we only offer this product for technical purposes. We accept no responsibility for any other use. We would like to explicitly point out that our colloids are neither medicines nor food supplements. They are exclusively experimental water with colloids! We expressly make no promises of healing. We are not liable for any damage to property or personal injury arising in connection with the use of our products. The use of our products is at your own risk!