Colloidal platinum 1000ml 10PPM



Colloidal platinum 10ppm Today, platinum is used in countless areas. The price of platinum is ninety times more expensive than the price of silver. It is used particularly in high-quality jewelry, as it is much harder than gold and can therefore also be used very well in mechanical jewelry parts. Storage: To preserve the charge for as long as possible, the bottles should always be kept closed, cool and protected from sunlight. Avoid proximity to electromagnetic fields (refrigerator, TV, microwave, etc.). Delivery time: Colloidal platinium is always shipped fresh. Please keep away from children!

Legal information / Disclaimer

We would like to explicitly point out that our colloids are neither medicines nor food supplements. They are exclusively experimental water with colloids! We expressly make no promises of healing. We are not liable for any damage to property or personal injury arising in connection with the use of our products. The use of our products is at your own risk!