Colloidal silver 100PPM [XXL set] 3 PET laboratory bottles of 1000ml each


  • COLLOIDAL SILVER SET 3 bottles: Natur Total's colloidal silver is produced in proven quality using the ionic pulser system. The >99.99% pure silver bars produce high-quality silver water.
  •  MAXIMUM WATER PURITY: When selecting the water quality, we used the purest water available (ultrapure water type 1). Type 2 or 3 ultrapure water can contain up to 100 times more bacteria.
  • 3 PET LABORATORY BOTTLES: In order to guarantee purity in the long term, we only use brown, light-inhibiting PET laboratory bottles. They are best stored protected from light and well sealed.
  •  SMALLEST COLLOID PARTICLES: Colloid particles are the smallest parts before the atom itself. In this tiny form, the silver can penetrate into the most remote regions of the body and develop its full effect there.
  •  LABORATORY TESTED QUALITY: Natur Total colloidal silver 100 PPM is produced under strict guidelines in Germany. The quality is regularly checked and confirmed by independent laboratories.
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Ultrapure water TYPE 1* purified to 0.1 - 0.4 microsiemens .silver purity level 99.99 % concentrated to specified PPM.


Silver always contains ions!

The smallest parts into which matter can be broken down without losing its individual properties are known as colloid particles. The next stage of fragmentation would then be the atom itself.

Colloidal silver is a form of pure silver in pure water. By breaking it down into microscopically small pieces, the total surface area of the silver is increased many times over. In this tiny form, the silver can penetrate into the most remote areas of the body and unfold its effect there.

Good  colloidal silver is an electrolytically produced silver dispersion with a optimum content on positively charged ionsas it has been used very successfully in Germany since the end of the 1990s.

Store silver water correctly here you should note the following:

Almost from the start, the effect of colloidal silver slowly diminishes if it is a pure dispersion, i.e. without additives. Nevertheless, it can be used for months. With optimal storage, at least three months or more. However, older solutions (correctly: dispersions) can also be used if the quantity to be used is increased accordingly. Since colloidal silver cannot go bad in the sense that it keeps itself germ-free, it does not have to be "disposed of" after a certain period of time.

To maintain the quality for a long time, the bottles must be kept sealed. The storage location should be dark and protected from sunlight. Avoid proximity to electromagnetic fields (refrigerator, TV, microwave, etc.).

Silver water has a long tradition and was already used in the Middle Ages.

Silver water is made from colloidal silver is produced. Distilled water is usually produced with the help of a electrolysis process enriched with silver: With the help of silver plates, the water is electrically charged to give it a silver content. Good silver water does not contain any additives other than silver and water.

In the meantime, many people have rediscovered silver water. There are also a number of manufacturers offering it on the market. Colloidal silver is also available in many Cosmetic products used, e.g. as an ingredient in face creams. Silver water has good antibacterial effects.

Colloidal silver is always shipped fresh by us.

optimum particle sizes we only use the original ionic pulser system

Purest colloidal silver

  • High proportion of positively charged ions 
  • Different concentrations and quantities
  • Manufactured with fine silver, purity over 99.99% 
  • Preparation with dist. water, conductivity < 0.5 µS/cm 3)
  • without the addition of other substances
  • Fresh production 
  • Supplied in light-protecting PET laboratory bottles / medicine bottles

Our advantages:

  • Comparatively high dosage
  • Good effect on the skin
  • Can also be used as a mouthwash
  • We always use Distilled water or demineralisiertes Wasser, welches für medizinische Zwecke or Laboranwendungen geeignet ist.

Nach der Herstellung eines farblosen Silberwassers kann nach Stunden oder gar Tagen noch eine Verfärbung eintreten, da noch über eine gewisse Zeit Veränderungen der Partikel und Ionen stattfinden.

Wir verwenden Herstellung von kolloidalem Silber nur Distilled water mit einer Leitfähigkeit unter 0,5 µS/cm sowie gewalztes Feinsilber mit einer Mindestreinheit von 99,99%, also Silber  höchster Reinheit.

​Es ergibt sich In der Regel ergibt sich daraus eine farblose Dispersion. Es kommt trotzdem  immer wieder zu gelblichen und bräunlichen Farben bei höheren Konzentrationen, ohne daß unsererseits eine Veränderung vorgenommen wurde.


General information

Please note that for legal reasons we only offer this product for technical purposes. We accept no responsibility for any other use. We would like to explicitly point out that our colloids are neither medicines nor food supplements. They are exclusively experimental water with colloids! We expressly make no promises of healing. We are not liable for any damage to property or personal injury arising in connection with the use of our products. The use of our products is at your own risk!