Natur Total laboratory water 15 liters 3x 5l


  • NATUR TOTAL 15l laboratory water, ultrapure water, laboratory water, 2-fold distilled water, demineralized by osmosis.


Laboratory water, double distilled water is becoming increasingly important in industry. Decalcification in the household. It is not only suitable for medical or pharmaceutical purposes, but also for chemical and technical purposes.

Ideal for the production of colloidal silver.

Distilled ultrapure water for steam irons

In the past, it was therefore generally recommended to use steam irons only with distilled water which is completely free of limescale. Appliances such as irons, ironing boards, steam irons, steamers, vacations, steam straighteners, window vacuum cleaners, irons, steam ironing stations, travel irons, shirt ironers, travel hair dryers and many more.

It is therefore best for the steam iron if you mix 50 percent tap water with 50 percent distilled water.

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